Innovative topology for polyphase current measurements promises high accuracy at low cost

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According to 42 Technology, omitting current transformers enables them to offer the desired functionality at a price up to 30% lower than comparable devices, which utilize such a transformer. In addition, 42T’s topology is more robust since it is inherently immune against strong DC magnetic fields. Products based on a current transformer can be disabled with strong magnets. To avoid this, manufacturers need to incorporate significant magnetic shielding, which adds extra cost, complexity and bulk. In addition, the 42 Technology approach also offers isolation voltages of up to 15 kV whereas existing technologies reach only 12 kV or even less. What’s more the technology also is capable to measure alternative currents at frequencies in the MHz region.

The technology devised by 42 Technology is based on a resistive sensing topology – already the preferred approach for single-phase meters. The company claims it succeeded in transferring this technology to multi-phase metering. Besides its performance benefits, this technology also offers advantages in manufacturing. Target markets could be energy and utilities.

42 Technology says it has working prototypes and is looking for partners to commercialise its technology. Referring to the IP reasons as well as client confidentiality the company however declined to provide further details.


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