Integrated magnetics cut power converter size in half

Integrated magnetics cut power converter size in half

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By Nick Flaherty

The design of the 3DP-Series relies on several patents to reach objectives such as power density increase (decreasing power magnetic required volume), the combination of 2 or 3 components into one (saving magnetic cores) and weight reduction. Thermal behaviour has been solved using thermal conductive plastics on the bobbins to create a thermal link between the wire and the core: thermal pad or thermal liquid gap filling material, thermal liquid gap filler dispensed to guarantee reliable thermal link between bobbins, windings and core. Core adhesive is also a key from the MTBF point of view (core cracks due to temperature gradient between heat and cold halve) producing a big or low thermal resistance.

While most of the power converters (resonant topologies) in the market feature a transformer, a resonant choke and an output choke, each component with its own design, core, winding and thermal dissipation solution, the 3DPower offers a single component solution. The 3DP-components typically meet the AEC-Q200 (specific automotive quality standard) and other more restrictive customer automotive supplier standards. Other topologies and powers are under design (11kW and 22kW).

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