Integrated power controller offers stability benefits for automotive applications

Integrated power controller offers stability benefits for automotive applications

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The start/stop function in many new car models increases fuel economy, but also leads to significant drops in the supply voltage when restarting the engine. The TPS43330-Q1 family remains fully functional during such voltage drops and ensures that applications continue to work without interruption or performance reduction. The devices’ ultra-low quiescent current makes the use of a separate standby voltage supply unnecessary, thus reducing system cost and complexity.  

The TPS43330-Q1 family features a wide input voltage range of 2 V to 40 V and transients up to 60 V ensure continued operation, even under severe battery voltage conditions.  The device has a quiescent current as low as 35 µA and lower shutdown current of 5 µA reduces the overall application power consumption from the battery in standby operation, extending battery lifetime and eliminating the need for a standby voltage regulator.  Spread spectrum frequency modulation reduces conducted electromagnetic interference and allows for simpler, lower-cost filters.

The device features individual enable and power good signals for both supply rails allow the customer flexible power sequencing based on specific application needs.  Integration of multiple voltage rails and voltage supervisors reduces board space, design complexity and system cost compared to a discrete solution.  A dedicated high-side FET driver enables overall efficiency improvement by bypassing the external reverse-battery protection diode with an external PMOS FET.

TI offers a variety of tools and support to speed design with the Power Stage Designer and Automotive Power reference design for PMP7001.1 and PMP7031.  Evaluation modules are also available for the TPS43332-Q1, TPS43335-Q1, and TPS43336-Q1 devices.

In addition to the TPS43330-Q1 DC/DC controller, TI offers a large portfolio of power management ICs aimed at automobile applications, including step-down converters like the TPS57160-Q1 or PIMCs like the TPS65023-Q1. The LM25118Q buck-boost controller and TPIC74101-Q1 buck-boost converter help maintain stable output voltage over a wide supply voltage range.

Samples of the TPS43330-Q1 and TPS43332-Q1 are available now in an HTSSOP-38 (DAP) package.  Suggested retail pricing for the TPS43330-Q1 family ranges from $2.85 to $3.10 in 1000-unit quantities.

More information about the TPS43330-Q1 and TPS43332-Q1 power controller at

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