Integrated switcher extends to 220W for USB PD3.1 chargers

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By Nick Flaherty

Power Integrations has extended its InnoSwitch4-CZ flyback controller to support 220W USB PD3.1 charger designs

Paired with the ClampZero active-clamp IC and, optionally, the  HiperPFS-5 GaN-based power-factor corrector, the designs supports the latest USB PD 3.1 specification for adapters and chargers.

The InnoSwitch4-CZ zero voltage switching (ZVS) with a robust 750 V PowiGaN primary switch, active clamp drive and synchronous rectification in a compact InSOP-24D package. Secondary-side sensing via the FluxLink high-speed communications technology to boost the constant voltage, contasnt current (CV/CC) accuracy.

“The use of a non-complementary-mode active clamp enables designs that work in both continuous (CCM) and discontinuous (DCM) modes. By operating across modes, it is much easier to support the wide load/range conditions often encountered in USB PD applications,” said Edward Ong, senior product marketing manager at Power Integrations.

The InnoSwitch4-CZ consumes less than 30mW at no-load, including input line voltage monitoring for low power consumption in USB PD chargers and to minimise ‘vampire’ power drain. The chip includes auto-restart or latching fault response for output over- and under-voltage; multiple output under-voltage fault thresholds; and latching or hysteretic primary over-temperature protection.

“Road warriors demand light, compact, powerful adapters capable of rapidly charging all their mission-critical devices. The expanded power range of the new InnoSwitch4-CZ and ClampZero ICs allows charger/adapter designers to easily exceed 23 W per cubic inch for single- and multiple-output USB PD 3.1 certified designs,” said Ong.

“Even at 220 W of output power, the family’s high efficiency minimizes waste heat; bulky heatsinks are not required on any of the active devices. The maximum switching frequency of up to 140 kHz minimizes transformer size, and the high level of integration approximately halves the number of passive components, MOSFETs and diodes that make safety-compliant PCB layout a challenge.”

A compact 130 W, USB PD adaptor reference design (DER-957) is available for designers wishing to evaluate the InnoSwitch4-CZ flyback controller IC and ClampZero active clamp IC chipset.

Devices are priced starting at $3.07 for INN4072C-TL and $0.66 for CPZ1061M-TLXXX in 1,000-unit quantities of the chipset.

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