Three leading US chip manufacturers have joined Mitre Engenuity’s semiconductor alliance with the aim of bolstering the resilience of the US semiconductor industry.

Intel and Analog Devices, which both have fabs in Ireland, have joined with memory maker Micron to join with Mitre Corp. a not-for-profit organization that manages R&D centres supporting US government agencies.

The three companies have agreed to work together to build a more robust US semiconductor industry, foster advanced manufacturing in the US, and protect intellectual property amid increased global competition.

The group calls for other members of the US semiconductor ecosystem to join the alliance. These include integrated device manufacturers; fabless chip companies; providers of infrastructure, design, and manufacturing tools; and technology innovators from industry and academia.

The Semiconductor Alliance, led by Mitre Engenuity, was developed from working groups in 2021, and its principles were published in a white paper. This summarizes the alliance’s whole-of-nation call for action and the creation of a National Semicondutor Technology Center.

“The semiconductor industry in the U.S. is at an inflection point. There has never been a more important time to come together as an industry to establish the path forward to advance the foundation of innovation that will help solve the nation’s biggest challenges,” said Ann Kelleher, general manager of technology development at Intel, in a statement issued by Mitre. “The Semiconductor Alliance is an open collaboration that will leverage current and future R&D investments by industry and government throughout the U.S. and will support the spirit of the CHIPS for America Act to re-establish American industry leadership.”

Laurie Giandomenico, chief acceleration officer at Mitre, said: “The United States has an opportunity for generational impact in the face of growing strategic competition with China. By forging innovative partnerships based on trust and neutrality, Intel, Micron, Analog Devices, and Mitre Engenuity through the Semiconductor Alliance are aligning the interests of industry, government, and universities to collaborate and grow the semiconductor industry on US soil.”

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