Intel pays $125m for Via’s x86 designers

Intel pays $125m for Via’s x86 designers

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Via Technologies, which developed x86 processors through its Centaur Technologies subsidiary, is to receive $125 million from Intel which will hire certain Centaur employees.
By Nick Flaherty


Intel is not acquiring Centaur itself according to a Taiwan Stock Exchange filing, and further details are not readily available about the deal.

Centaur was founded by former employees of Integrated Devices Technology Inc. in 1995. Centaur was purchased from IDT by Via in September 1999 and the 64bit Nano architecture has been further refined and improved in chips produced by Chinese chip company Zhaoxin.

Shanghai Zhaoxin Semiconductor was created as a joint venture between Via Technologies and the Shanghai Municipal Government as a fabless chip company that makes x86 processors mainly for the Chinese market.

Via has several Chinese subsidiaries including: VIA CPU Platform (HK) Ltd., VIA Technologies (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., and VIA Technologies (Shenzhen) Ltd.

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