Intel RealSense 3D camera makes it to market

Intel RealSense 3D camera makes it to market

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The RealSense cameras come with software to allow hands-free operation, a 3D scanning routine for capturing objects in 3D and the ability to replace backgrounds during video conferencing.

Intel has been developing the RealSense 3D camera technology for some time and began producing adverts to promote the technology in 2014 (see Intel, Sheldon Cooper promote 3D camera technology).

The Lenovo B50-30 desktop computer and Asus N551JQ notebook computer with the 4-inch long RealSense 3D camera module have been offered into the Dutch market starting late in 2013. It comprises a conventional HD RGB sensor, a laser that emits 16 different modulated signals and an IR sensor to detect the time-of-flight of the transmitted laser signals and compute distance.

Intel RealSense 3D camera technology used to remove and replace background during two-party video conference.

This can be used to detect finger movements, facial features for understanding movement and emotions. It can understand foregrounds and backgrounds to allow interactive augmented reality and scan items in three dimensions.

Dutch magazine has a photograph of the RealSense 3D camera assembly. Asus states that the RealSense 3D camera is an optional item on its N551JQ notebook.

Intel RealSense 3D Camea module. Source:

According to reports Intel will not make its RealSense camera available as a webcam or within televisions but restrict its use to desktop, notebook and tablet computers. This is partly because the technology requires a lot of computational power.

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