Intel virtual museum showcases company’s tech history

Intel virtual museum showcases company’s tech history

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By Rich Pell

In addition to the company’s physical Intel Museum in Santa Clara, California – which is currently still closed due to Covid-19 closures – people can now visit the new virtual Intel Museum from anywhere around the globe, says the company. The 3D interactive tour lets visitors virtually stroll the museum floor, interact with exhibits and explore exclusive virtual museum content.

The idea of a digital home has been in the works for years, says the company, even before the pandemic.

“Ideally,” says Liz Jones, Intel’s historian, who oversees the Intel Museum, “you wouldn’t need to physically visit our headquarters to experience all the museum has to offer.”

The virtual museum showcases over 50 years of Intel technology history, and can be experienced by anyone with access to a web browser and an internet connection. The museum experience includes a “peek inside” of a chip manufacturing fab, among many other things.

The experience was reportedly created with the help of Google Street View maps technology, and incorporates “hot spots” over various exhibits. By clicking on a hotspot, virtual visitors are presented with a popup that displays a mix of text and video clips, a 3D model, and links for further reading.

Intel is the only technology company in Silicon Valley with a public museum dedicated to teaching visitors about the company’s rich history and the science behind its technology. Opened in 1983, the Intel Museum (pre-pandemic) averaged 85,000 visitors a year. It is currently scheduled to reopen on July 11, 2022.



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