Intelligent gateways evolve to meet IoT needs

Intelligent gateways evolve to meet IoT needs

By eeNews Europe

Not long ago gateways were considered "big iron" boxes that served specific functions for the heavy industrial and transportation spaces. The gateways served to connect non-Internet Protocol (IP) devices to the Internet and allowed the data to be passed along to a server or cloud instance where the data was stored, processed and acted on.

With the shift towards intelligence moving closer to edge, there is a whole new generation of gateways offering greater intelligence and services closer to the edge. As more and more embedded devices are being transformed into Intelligent Devices, many of these devices require a gateway or "bridge" to connect the edge device to the server via an IP Network. In the past all the raw data was passed to the server and processed at the Enterprise.

With low-cost resources such as high computational capabilities and storage, Enterprise served the industry well as a point of data aggregation, analytics and storage. Today we see a shift in Intelligent Systems as clients are moving the intelligence closer to the edge.

To meet this ever changing need, gateway providers now need to add capabilities and services to meet the new needs. Capabilities include:

• Data Filtering
• Rules Engine
• Events Management
• Alert Functions
• Easy Device Configuration

Intelligent gateways with service enablement offer instant response and actions closer to the edge accelerating decision making and further improving business process efficiency. In this edition our contributing authors have highlighted ways gateway technology is transforming business. See below for the latest information on gateway technology and how it can be applied to build new products and services.

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Design Considerations for Gateways
This paper lists the various factors that need to be taken into account in the design of Gateways.

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