Intelligent organization system ‘makes any bag a smart bag’

Intelligent organization system ‘makes any bag a smart bag’

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By Rich Pell

The system, says the company, “calms the chaos of daily life” by turning any bag into a smart bag through its system of Blurtooth-enabled Smart Tags and Taglets, along with an easy-to-use app. The system works as a tiny personal assistant to make sure users have got what they need by enabling the Taglets to communicate with the Smart Tag, saying “I am here.”

The system can also send push notifications to remind users to grab their bag for activities such as work, the gym, or travel, as well as notify a user if something’s missing, and if they can grab it before it’s too late.

“Smart devices were supposed to make our lives better, but we’ve discovered over the past decade that connecting anything and everything possible to the Internet is adding to our burden instead of alleviating it,” says Adero’s Chief Executive Officer Nate Kelly. “Adero is giving your essentials awareness and intelligence to keep track of themselves so you don’t have to.”

To set up the system, a user places a Smart Tag on their bag or backpack, then attaches Taglets onto the individual items that they never want to leave behind. The tagged items are then in constant communication with the user’s smart bag, letting it know if they are all together.

A user can quickly check to see if they have everything they need simply by pressing the Smart Tag, which will light red if anything’s missing and green if everything is where it should be. In the event something’s missing, the Adero app can be checked for details on the missing item(s).

Key features of the Adero system include:

  • Creating a smart “container”: Users can create a Smart Container for groups of things that go together simply by attaching a Smart Tag to a work bag, backpack, or purse, and assigning Taglets to the essentials that belong in the bag.
  • Event-based reminders: Users can let Adero know when they need a specific bag, and they will get a reminder to make sure everything they need is in the bag, and what’s missing, too.
  • LED alerts: The Smart Tags chirp and glow red when pushed if the bag is missing some of its Taglets. If everything’s good to go, the light glows green when pressed.
  • The app: Pair essentials and their bags, set proactive reminders and more.
  • Rechargeable Smart Tag battery: Smart Tag rechargeable batteries will last up to two months between charges.
  • Weather-ready: The Smart Tags are certified water resistant, and the Taglets are certified waterproof.
  • Durable stick: Taglets and Smart Tag Adhesive Cases both use special adhesive to stay in place.
  • Compatibility: The Adero app is compatible with Android 5.1+. iOS 11+ will be released soon.

The Adero Starter Kit is available for purchase on for $119.99. A Deluxe Kit with more Smart Tags, Taglets, keyrings, and lanyards will be available soon for $199.


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