Introductory kit RFID systems

Introductory kit RFID systems

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Designed specifically to help new users understand the ease and flexibility of configuring RFID solutions, the introductory kit announced by Harting contains everything they need to get started.
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Potential users can configure their own applications, as well as familiarising themselves with the functionality and terminology used.
Hardware supplied with the kit includes the company’s Ha-VIS RF-R200 RFID Reader with PoE (Power over Ethernet) connectivity, the RF-R200 desktop power supply, Ha-VIS FT89 small RFID transponders (50 pieces), a Ha-VIS LOCFIELD antenna (0.3 m active length, 0.6 m total length), and a 1m Ethernet patch cable. These are supported by the relevant data sheets, the RF-R200 user manual, and the Ha-VIS configurator tool.

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