Intuitive gesture recognition provides touch-free control

Intuitive gesture recognition provides touch-free control

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By Ally Winning

Inui Studio in Luxembourg has developed and patented a touchless technology to replace public touchscreens.

The Air Touch technology uses gesture recognition so that a hand does not move a cursor at a distance like classic camera-based technologies but interacts directly with objects on the screen. This makes using the system as easy and efficient as a touchscreen says the company.

 The technology is accurate to 5 mm with a 1ms response time and works in any light conditions, up to 120.000 lux which is comparable to the direct summer sunlight.

A finger is detected 14 cm (5.5”) from the screen so there is no risk to touch the screen by mistake as seen with solutions based on capacitive foils.  

The system is built around a 55in Samsung display with an Intel NUC embedded PC as a controller, with a native Windows 10 Driver.

The Air Touch systems are aimed at airports, retail, restaurants, real estate, travel agencies, etc.

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