InvenSense goes piezoelectric with fingerprint sensor

InvenSense goes piezoelectric with fingerprint sensor

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The technology is called UltraPrint and makes use of the piezoelectric Micromachiend Ultrasonic transducers (pMUTs) based on aluminum nitride and manufactured using InvenSense’s eutectically-bonded CMOS-MEMS manufacturing process.

The design features an array of ultrasound transducers with each element controllable through direct wafer-level interconnect to the CMOS ASIC. InvenSense did not state how many transducers are included in the array but did say that it can provide detailed fingerprint images from the epidermal to dermal layers, and to do so directly through glass or metal, even in the presence of oil, lotions, perspiration or other moisture, and other common contaminants that undermine capacitive sensing solutions.

"Our proprietary UltraPrint technology is expected to enable, for the first time, deployment of ultrasonic fingerprint solutions under glass, as well as a myriad of other surfaces. This flexibility in sensor placement, achieved without cutting a hole in display glass, aluminum, steel or plastic case material is highly valued by mobile and other OEMs," said Fari Assaderaghi, vice president of advanced technology, in a statement.

The device, if accepted by OEMs, is expected to ramp into volume production in 2017.

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