IoT turnkey solutions focus on smart LED lighting

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In addition, Greenvity and Hodi have agreed to collaborate to develop future products focused on controlled lighting and smart metering applications.

Greenvity’s Smart LED Controller module (GV-LED), IoT Hub board (GV-Controller), IoT cloud and mobile app software have been integrated into a number of Hodi’s next-generation smart LED lighting products, including multiple configurations of its downlights, street lights, T5 lights, T8 lights and other indoor and outdoor lights. The high quality lights feature dimming capability and color temperatures that enhance the aesthetic and mood of environments, as well as contribute to energy savings.

Hodi’s smart LED lights are controlled by a Hodi gateway system that is powered by the IoT Hub technology and software from Greenvity. Thanks to Greenvity’s Smart LED Controller module, consumers can remotely control the LED lights to different modes from on, off and dimming. The module also supports color temperature mixing that enables LED lights to vary in color from warm light to cool light at different levels. In addition, the IoT Hub supports mobile apps (Android and iOS) and IoT cloud for remote control and monitoring of lighting over mobile devices anywhere in the world.
“We are pleased to collaborate with Greenvity to integrate their innovative IoT turnkey solution into our best-in-class LED lighting products for commercial and industrial buildings,” said Tiger S. R. Chen, CEO of Hodi Technologies. “Combined with Greenvity’s modules and software, Hodi’s products are now IoT-enabled with cloud and mobile apps that can be controlled and monitored remotely from anywhere.”

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