IoT deployment software package connects to the cloud

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A first in the industry, Micrium Spectrum is also silicon vendor agnostic, which allows designers to develop proprietary and differentiated solutions, claims the RTOS company.

The package includes a real time operating system (RTOS): µC/OS-II or µC/OS-III; support for local networking including Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth (classic and low energy); IoT protocols such as http client and server with REST API, MQTT; Java Virtual Machine for deeply embedded systems, and web services such as cloud-server interfaces, data brokering and cloud storage.

"For the IoT to truly take off, devices need to be interconnected so information can be exchanged between systems ­ machine to machine ­ or connected to the cloud," said Christian Légaré, CTO and executive vice president of Micrium. "Fundamentally, IoT devices are embedded systems with connectivity, so it is important to approach the IoT from the embedded systems level. Micrium Spectrum makes sense of the IoT, making it easy to design reliable, high-performance devices and maximize their potential."

Micrium Spectrum is available now with a variety of licensing options.

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