IoT development board is Sigfox-ready

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By eeNews Europe

Based on the popular Arduino form factor, the board includes a Telit SIGFOX module and GPS with embedded antenna for localization. It also leverages Telit’s M2M device management software to facilitate quick and efficient connection of devices to the Cloud. Sigfox uses a UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) based radio technology to connect devices to a global network. UNB requires very low energy usage and UNB devices operate within globally available ISM bands (license free frequency bands).

Features of the development board include STMicroelectronics proximity, humidity, temperature and acceleration sensors. Acceleration limits are selectable in stages of ±2/4/8/16g. The board has a TDK Bluetooth Low Energy interface for short-range connectivity that allows setting and control from a smartphone; and an NXP NFC tag with I2C serial interface for authentication.

SmartEverything also includes an Atmel ARM Cortex-M0+ based CPU USB Host orchestrator chip that manages all traffic between peripherals. Atmel-based crypto authentication enables implementation of a full security SHA-256 hash algorithm with message authentication code (MAC). Dynaflex 868MHz antenna and Linear Technology power management devices are also incorporated.

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