IP for audio converter builds silicon to exceed STB audio standards

IP for audio converter builds silicon to exceed STB audio standards

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Dolphin has released the IP, offering high performance levels, for use in next-generation of Set-Top-Boxes, Docking Stations and portable wireless speakers. Dolphin Integration positions the IP as one of smallest and least-power-consuming converters in the market.

The sDACa-MT1.xx series are specified to achieve up to 105 dB of ‘A-weighted’ SNR on playback mode, depending on the application schematics.

Tests carried out on FPGA and and on a silicon qualifier (SMIC 55LL process) proves the performance of sDACa-MT1.xx series, above even the specification and in STB standard measurement conditions:

Audio output level: -4.27 dBu (1 kHz sine wave @ Full Scale – 8 dB
Gain =0 dB)

SNR: 106 dB A-weighted (1 kHz sine wave @ Full Scale, Gain =0 dB)

THD+N: -98.25 dB Unweighted 1 kHz sine wave @ Full Scale-1dB, Gain=0 dB

Dynamic range: 106 dB (A-weighted, 1 kHz sine wave @ Full Scale-60dB, Gain =0 dB)

Frequency domain ripple: 0.5 dB (60Hz and 18kHz sine wave @ Full Scale, Gain =0 dB)

Channel Crosstalk: -82 dB A-weighted (1 kHz sine wave @ Full Scale-20dB, Gain =0 dB)

For enhancing the sound quality experience, sDACa-MT1.01 embeds several features among which are an anti-pop noise control signal, spread-spectrum and soft mute mode.

Dolphin Integration facilitates a risk-free SoC integration by providing new views and specifications:

Noise resilience tolerance templates against jitter, power supply noise and synchronisation issues

Simulation models (views) for assessing the impact of different type of noise on audio performances

User Manual including diverse application schematics targeting different audio output and SNR performance.

Dolphin Integration;

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