Ireland opens €1.5m national 5G testing centre

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By Nick Flaherty

The country’s first large-scale centre for 5G testing and research will be open to large industry and SMEs and start-ups, and will provide a unique, large scale, interference-free facility for scientists and engineers from industry and universities, in Ireland and internationally.

Designed as one of the first of its kind in Europe, the facility consists of a specially constructed anechoic chamber that provides high levels isolation for radio signals.

This, with the advanced 5G testing system and specialist engineers, allows for very sensitive measurements to be made, essential for the development of modern wireless devices. RadioSpace connects industry and academic researchers with the aim of addressing the full range of challenges in developing new technologies and products for the next generation of wireless devices. RadioSpace is designed to provide a full range of services to developers of 4G mobile networks, IoT enabled products and future 5G and mmWave devices.

The €1.5 million facility, which has received €638,000 funding from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), is part of CONNECT – the world-leading SFI Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications.

“This facility will provide industry in Ireland and across Europe, as well as academics, a rare and valuable capability to develop new technologies, and also to explore exciting questions in radio physics and engineering. We look forward to RadioSpace being a catalyst for increased collaboration between academia and industry, nationally and internationally”, commented Professor Ronan Farrell, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and Director of RadioSpace.

RadioSpace is a collaboration between the Radio Systems research team in the Department of Electronic Engineering and the Radio Astronomy team in the Department of Experimental Physics at Maynooth University, it consists of a space for the construction and design of radio-enabled electronics and devices, and a large shielded facility for the test of these devices without interference to regular users.

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