Iris scan and facial recognition unlocks car in place of keys

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If more than one person uses the same car, personalized information such as the seat position and favourite radio stations could all be automatically set as soon the person steps into the car.

The new Synios SFH 4772S A01 is designed for iris scanning systems, mostly in use today to unlock smartphones and tablets without the need for a password. The IRED functions here as a light source, illuminating the iris with infrared light in a suitable wavelength so that a camera can capture an image of the iris pattern – whatever the colour of the eye. The system then compares this information with the stored data and unlocks the device if there is a match. SFH 4772S A01 emits infrared light with a wavelength of 810nm, which is best suitable for all different eye colours, and achieves an optical output of 1070mW at 1A.

The Synios SFH 4775S A01 is particularly suitable for facial recognition and driver monitoring, among other things. Both these applications ideally require a wavelength of 940nm. The IRED has an optical output of 1650mW at 1.5A, but has also been designed for high pulse loads up to 5A.

The 2.0×2.8×0.6mm devices are Lambertian emitters with flat encapsulation. Double-stack chip technology ensures high output power. Both products are qualified for automotive applications and approved for temperatures up to 125° Celsius.

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