Isorg teams with software supplier to tune fingerprint sensor

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By Peter Clarke

Isorg SA (Limoges, France), a pioneer in organic photodetectors (OPDs) and large area image sensors, is collaborating with Precise Biometrics AB (Lund, Sweden), a developer of fingerprint verification software. The two companies plan to create a Fingerprint on Display (FoD) reader for the mobile industry.

Isorg sensors work with the lower display transmittance of high resolution CMOS image sensors while the modules are less than 300-microns thick, the company said. In addition high-end smartphones with curved displays or even foldable smartphones remain compatible with Isorg’s modules that can also be manufactured on flexible substrates.

Isorg has developed large-area fingerprint modules that are commercially available in different sizes from 20mm by 30mm up to full-display versions. The complete module not only contains the organic image sensor, but also the necessary optical layers, in addition to its proprietary ASIC ReadOut IC (ROIC). Full-display sensing allows the use of multifinger authentication, which increases security.

“Over the course of the past few months, the teams of both Isorg and Precise Biometrics have engaged in developing solutions for smartphone OEMs and display makers to build next generation products,” said Dieter May, CEO of Isorg, in a statement.

This collaboration will mainly focus on image processing optimization, taking into account the specifics of Isorg’s hardware performance, and enhancing matching quality by fine tuning Precise’s algorithms and integrating anti-spoofing features.

Isorg said it is in discussion with smartphone OEMs and is confident of seeing a product ramp within the next 9 to 15 months.

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