ITRI re-launches Soldertec, a global technical network in advanced soldering technologies

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Soldertec membership has been created for those working in research and product development teams for solder producers, electronics assembly and OEM companies. According to ITRI’s research the challenges they face are: staying up to date with the latest technologies to make sure their company is developing the best solutions; finding specialist information to help in product development and working out why things are going wrong.

They are typically under a lot of pressure to be ‘the expert’. However, their work may cover a number of different technologies and they don’t have time to read everything, or to attend big events. Market conditions are difficult and technology is changing very fast, yet they often rely on a limited number of personal contacts.

The key feature of the Soldertec membership package is a unique new online networking facility. “Nothing like this has ever before been possible for the global soldering community,” commented Dr Jeremy Pearce, ITRI’s Technology Team Leader. “Soldertec will grow to become the premier meeting place and reference library for solders technologists.”

In addition to having both personal and company profiles, members will be able to use information and discussion forums on specific topics such as ‘Nanocomposite Solders’ and ‘Miniaturisation’. They can even set up their own specific interest groups to bring together the best possible expertise from around the world including members from leading academic and research organisations that are at the forefront of new solder technologies.

As part of the project’s development, Soldertec plans to publish new white papers on key soldering topics as well as supply full copies of scientific papers. As a demonstration of their commitment to Soldertec, ITRI has recently made two significant new appointments:

Chris Goodacre has been appointed as Soldertec’s Membership Manager. Chris is already well known in the electronics sector from her work on membership and events management for the Component Obsolescence Group (COG) and she now provides the support and promotional activity for Soldertec.

Dominic Lodge has recently joined ITRI as Solders Technology Manager. Dominic previously worked for ITRI during the early days of lead-free soldering and has, over the last 5 years, worked on solders development for Alpha Cookson – one of the largest global solder producers. He now provides technical support for Soldertec and ensures that vital new information about the latest issues in soldering technology is made available to Soldertec members.

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