ITTIA ports embedded database to Elektrobit for software defined vehicles

ITTIA ports embedded database to Elektrobit for software defined vehicles

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By Nick Flaherty

Embedded database developer ITTIA has made its data management system compatible with the Elektrobit corbos Linux operating system for software defined vehicles.

The ITTIA DB product family provides robust real-time data processing, management, and analysis software for Electronic Control Unit (ECU) devices in a software defined vehicle.

The combination provides integrated database software for vehicle manufacturers building intelligent data sensitive device applications. Compatibility will assist automotive manufactures in accelerating the transformation towards software-defined data management for building device data campaigns.

Elektrobit, a subsidiary of Tier One Continental, has also launched a Product Compatibility Programme for its corbos Linux, which is built on the Ubuntu distribution.

First open-source OS for automotive functional safety

Real-time data capture and in-vehicle analytics are becoming common requirements for modern vehicles, which will also integrate with Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.  The ITTIA DB is database library is designed primarily for embedded applications to execute queries directly on the ECU devices. It offers high-performance data streaming, ingestion, transformation, analytics, and distribution. The ITTIA software development lifecycle (SDL) is conformant to the principles of important safety and security standards such as ISO26262.

This allows automotive manufacturers and suppliers to manage real-time data for applications inside the vehicle and have access to a complete software tool for building a software defined vehicle mobility solution.

The ITTIA time series database is suitable for intelligent passenger vehicles and delivery trucks to shared mobility such as scooters and buses, supporting intelligent decisions in real-time and proactively identifying potential issues by enabling on-board anomaly detection queries. By capturing sensor samples, actuator state, and other data sources in real-time, the ECU in a software defined vehicle can dynamically process, analyze, and act on live data. The valuable information that results from live queries can then be securely shared with other vehicles, traffic infrastructure, maintenance centers, and even satellites – creating a more intelligent and interconnected transportation ecosystem.

“Our market leading ITTIA DB database and our compatibility with Elektrobit help customers focus on their applications while relying on ITTIA DB and our expertise to reduce the complexity of data computing and analysis. Our foundation in data streaming, data management, security, and time-series for real-time systems is a core added value for EB corbos Linux built on Ubuntu that enables various Arm Cortex devices to process the data and only store valuable information,” Rajan Chaudhry, ITTIA Vice President of Product for Automotive.

Elektrobit adds OTA capability to development platform

“Getting innovative software solutions into the automotive ecosystem is what propels the SDV ecosystem forward. This is why we are proud to have ITTIA as a certified compatible partner of EB corbos Linux,” said Dr. Moritz Neukirchner, head of software architecture at Elektrobit.

“Our brand-new Product Compatibility Programme offers a unique advantage and compatibility seal from Elektrobit, showing compatibility with our cutting-edge product EB corbos Linux. Close collaboration with our partners offers a comprehensive portfolio of functionality, while we focus on specific areas of expertise, and recognize the value of a diverse portfolio.”;


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