Japan’s Toppan to develop smartcard quantum cryptography

Japan’s Toppan to develop smartcard quantum cryptography
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Toppan Printing is working with Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) to bring post-quantum public key cryptography to quantum secure cloud technology.
By Peter Clarke


Toppan and the NICT will leverage expertise in smart card security and authentication technology to develop authentication systems for the secure management of digital information. The two organizations expect to establish international standards for quantum secure cloud technology using quantum key distribution. Post-quantum public key cryptography should provide a technical edge in this regard.

Toppan wants to introduce smart cards equipped with post-quantum public key cryptography. Application will begin in fiscal year 2022, with targets for limited practical application in 2025 and the launch of services in 2030.

The high level of security will be applicable to the collection, analysis, processing, and use of highly sensitive personal and corporate information accumulated in such fields as medical care, new materials, manufacturing, and finance.

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