JB Display aims for 10,000 PPI microLED microdisplays

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With its proprietary integration technology, the company has successfully fabricated VGA-resolution micro-LED arrays and micro-optics arrays directly onto Si based active matrix micro display back-panel ICs, enabling each micro-LED to be individually controlled to 256 brightness levels. The twist consists in bonding the processed silicon wafer (with the backplane electronics) to a blank GaN wafer that can then be processed to precisely pattern the microLEDs aligned over their driving circuits, yielding monolithic hybrid optoelectronics integrated circuit (OEIC) chips.

JBD’s proprietary hybrid monolithic integration technology.

Because this approach does not require precise alignment during bonding, it supports high throughput for large volume and low-cost fabrication. The microLED arrays can then be etched and patterned with standard photolithography

JBD’s AMLED micro display with uLED pixel pitch
of 5um, corresponding to a resolution of >5000 PPI.

equipment and processes on top of the pixel driver/readout circuit arrays, with sub-micron alignment accuracy. JBD has demonstrated Red, Green and Blue monochromatic AMLED panels, with a pixel resolution up to 5000PPI and brightness well exceeding 3×106 cd/m2 for the green implementation.

The company is working on high-resolution full-colour AMLED displays and believes its proprietary hybrid monolithic integration technology could enable ultra-high resolution AMLED micro display panels at 10,000 PPI. News site reported that JBD received a $10 million investment to further develop its technology.



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