JitterLabs opens doors: aims to simplify clock-signal analysis

JitterLabs opens doors: aims to simplify clock-signal analysis

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For companies with limited characterization capabilities, JitterLabs provides an independent test lab to characterize clock (and clock-like data) signals between 10 MHz and 7+ GHz, such as output by timing devices, VCOs, PLLs, PHYs, ASICs, FPGAs, and test equipment. Available measurements include phase noise, jitter, Allan deviation, VCO modulation bandwidth, power supply noise rejection, PLL jitter transfer, and more.

Testing is billed at an affordable hourly rate, making costs predictable, and providing the flexibility to adjust testing as projects evolve.

"A lot of timing-noise measurements, such as phase noise and jitter, can typically be completed in an hour or less," explains Dr. Gary Giust, founder of JitterLabs. "But the expertise and equipment needed to perform these measurements can be difficult to acquire. By offering hourly testing at an affordable rate, we’re able to provide a variety of important measurements that, for many companies, have traditionally been out of reach."

For companies who characterize their devices in-house, JitterLabs offers a software-as-a-service application to organize their test data, and make it accessible and useful to others. Vendors simply upload their data to JitterLabs servers to create digital Test Reports, which are designed to showcase the performance of their products. The reports can be viewed, analyzed, compared, and shared online with customers and partners using an enterprise software application developed by JitterLabs.

System vendors, in turn, can use the application to create and share specifications that capture their systems’ technical requirements. An analysis engine enables users to apply specifications to Test Reports to generate Compliance Statements, which reveal the margin that devices provide to the specifications. Specifications are currently available for Ethernet, Fibre Channel, DOCSIS, Intelsat, USB, SONET, and other technologies.

An annual corporate subscription is required to use the application, with Free and Premium Plans available. Both plans allow an unlimited number of users, the ability to create and share specifications, and access to demo Test Reports. The Premium Plan is required to view real Test Reports (with permission from the organizations that own the reports).

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