Jolly upgrade for the Arduino UNO

Jolly upgrade for the Arduino UNO

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By Wisse Hettinga

Jolly, an electronic module for makers and Arduino UNO lovers

The Arduino UNO is probably one of the most interesting development board around. For many (read MANY!) of today’s electronics engineers the UNO was the first introduction to embedded electronics – it was the magic of the blinking LED. Still today the UNO is the first to take from the shelf if a quick solution is needed. Together with the IDE, this piece of hardware has been writing history and still does!

For many of you who have UNO’s lying around on their desk this add-on might be interesting. Gianluca Martino, one of the team that launched the UNO, started designing the Jolly, a new electronic module with integrated Wi-Fi, to infinitely extend the potential of the UNO projects into the new world of IoT.

The trick is to remove the existing ATMega328P with a new small board, the Jolly and you will have an IoT board with Wi-Fi.  To date, all the existing projects are mutually compatible.

‘The Jolly module project is progressing very well. We have outsourced the production and sales to Meteca SA, a Swiss company in the electronics industry. We are selling the modules on our shop at the moment, and accepting resellers worldwide’, explains Gianluca Martino.

Read all about the Jolly board functioning and developments



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