Kalray, Sanmina team for memory storage array

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By Nick Flaherty

French multicore chip designer Kalray is working with Viking Enterprise Solutions in the US on a new generation of storage arrays for data centres.

Viking is product business of contract manufacturing giant Sanmina and working with Kalray to use the MPPA processor in the Flashbox NVMe storage array based around its VDS2249R system. Kalray can run all of the critical functions of a disaggregated storage appliance on a single chip via the K200-LP card.

As technology applications such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, image processing and analytics proliferate and produce an incredible amount of data every second of every day, the need for fast and high-capacity storage solutions has grown dramatically. Current SSD technology has evolved to address this challenge but SSD direct attachment results in inefficient processing and wasted storage. Newer NVMe disaggregated storage solutions are emerging that separate compute and storage resources using a hyper-fast and standard-based NVMe protocol, improving and optimizing storage systems.

Key target markets include the AI, high performance computing, life sciences and financial industries that utilize data intensive applications and require low latency, high performance storage.

“Working with Viking Enterprise Solutions, we are sharing the same vision. To be widely deployed, new technologies need to be easy to adopt and affordable. To this end, we are very proud to work with Viking Enterprise Solutions to revisit the way storage appliances are designed. Our common objective is to be a game changer with Flashbox by providing to the market a unique high performance, low power, cost-effective new generation of storage appliance based on NVMe technology,” said Eric Baissus, CEO of Kalray.

Rick Kumar, SVP from Viking Enterprise Solutions, said: “We want to change the way the industry uses and processes data, while unleashing the full potential of current and emerging NVMe SSD technologies, without compromising enterprise grade features like high availability and scalability. Our partnership with Kalray will provide a new generation of storage array solutions for Cloud and Edge with Kalray’s K200-LP best-in-class smart storage acceleration card.”;;

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