Kinect, Thunderbolt SDKs coming soon

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Intel’s Thunderbolt is a PC I/O technology supporting up to two 10 Gbit/s links that first debuted in Apple laptops in February. Initially only a handful of mainly small companies pledged support for Thunderbolt including Canon, LaCie, Western Digital, but none have released products to date.

Intel is still a long way from having broad enough backing to make Thunderbolt viable, something the SDK may address. An IDG news story said Sony will support Thunderbolt.

An Intel spokesman said the Thunderbolt SDKs will come out toward the end of the quarter and will not be generally available. Rather, they will only be available to companies who take out a Thunderbolt license with Intel.

Separately, Microsoft Research will release a non-commercial Kinect for Windows SDK to support academic researchers and enthusiasts who want to explore applications using a gesture interface. Kinect became one of the fastest selling consumer products when it was first released.

The Kinect SDK will include several audio features including a four-element microphone array with acoustic noise and echo cancellation, beam formation to identify a sound source and integration with the Windows speech recognition API. The SDK also will support an ability to track the skeleton image of one or two persons moving within the Kinect field of view and an XYZ depth camera that indicates the distance of the object from the Kinect camera.


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