KNX/EIB transceiver with UARTs target building automation

KNX/EIB transceiver with UARTs target building automation

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KNX is an open field bus standard for home and building system technology for the exchange of data between KNX devices such as sensors, actuators, control units, monitoring devices and user interfaces via the KNX communication medium by which all the devices are connected. Devices made by different manufacturers can be used together in the same system without any restrictions as long as they have the relevant certification issued by the KNX Association.

In such a system, the component E981.03 provides the connection between the embedded “intelligence” of a KNX device, the so-called host controller, and the KNX medium of transport, in this case a twisted-pair cable. Available interfaces with the host controller are a UART interface for data exchange with a data rate of up to 115 kbit/s, providing for optional CRC protection, and an SPI compatible interface for configuration and diagnostics. The KNX application’s voltage supply comes from the KNX bus voltage. For this purpose, the transceiver internally provides two independent voltage regulators and supports various energy-saving modes. For example, the host controller can be put into standby mode with low power consumption and woken up by special KNX wake-up frames transported via the bus with the transceiver’s help. Moreover, a configurable maximum KNX bus load (determined by a maximum bus current and a maximum slew rate) guarantees KNX compliant behavior even in cases of errors in the system.

The component comes in a QFN32L7 package with 0.65 mm pin pitch so that no fine-pitch circuit boards are required.

For more information, samples and evaluation boards, please send an e-mail with the subject “E981.03” to, visit our website (to the product page).

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