Large size displays for truck clearance

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Alternatively, instead of the sequence number the license number of the vehicle can be recorded and displayed in clear text on the display. For applications with a high clearance volume or a short delivery frequency multi-line displays with integrated traffic lights are suitable. That allows to direct and to pre-sort many trucks at the same time. Optionally the systems can be equipped with acoustic signallers, such as horns or flashbulbs to make the drivers aware of a change in information at the display. A second display in the waiting room is a comfort feature for the drivers who can then use their waiting time better. LEDs with very high luminosity and wide reading angle show the information on the display. They are safe to read in sunlight and bright environment, but also can be dimmed optionally so they do not outshine in the dark. Different character heights are available that allow reading distances up to 300 meters. The display panels can be controlled via the input devices or terminals or they can be integrated into existing IT structures.

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