Latest Wind River Simics release increases performance and security

Latest Wind River Simics release increases performance and security

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Simics uses virtual platforms to accurately model hardware, allowing the functional simulation of any size system and helping improve continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices.

The enhancements enable a DevOps approach that assists the development, testing, and delivery of products quicker than before. The latest Simics release also enables more comprehensive security testing.

New features include:

• A benchmarked 20% performance improvement in simulation times through the improved third-generation thread scheduler, better memory allocation, and enhancements around the integration and execution of SystemC components.

• New enhancements make it easier to build and maintain new models. Enhancements include DML language-level updates and support for hierarchical objects, enabling easier SystemC module integration.

• New consoles for Simics models for better system insight and simulation control options.

• Overhauled instrumentation tools to make it simpler to write and maintain tools that inspect and collect information on the execution of the target system.

• Upgraded set of supporting tools and APIs to make it easier to integrate Simics into CI/CD practices or security testing infrastructure.

Simulation using virtual models can help developers conduct automated testing sooner in the development cycle and perform testing and debugging during the design and prototyping phases.

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