Lattice ECP5 FPGA board for open-source development

Lattice ECP5 FPGA board for open-source development

By eeNews Europe

The ULX3S board is based on a Lattice Semiconductor ECP5 series FPGA chip supported by open-source toolchains. The board features WiFi, display, buttons, LEDs and storage. It can be Flashed over-the-air using the WiFi connection, or by bitstreams stored on SD card. It also has a battery-backed RTC to allow it to power down completely until an event occurs.

Onboard peripherals include SDRAM, USB, Digital video out, onboard FM/ASK antenna, ADC and DAC. It also has 56 GPIO pins routed as differential pairs and a PMOD compatible pinout for expansion. Beginners can program the board using the Arduino IDE.

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