LCDs go plastic, flexible and cheap

LCDs go plastic, flexible and cheap

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By Julien Happich

The technology is compatible with existing LCD production lines, and is scalable to even larger area displays to meet the immediate market needs for applications including automotive, consumer electronics, and digital signage.

FlexEnable’s OLCD platform is said to bring vivid colour and smooth video content to flexible displays, and is completely free of glass; instead, it uses organic transistors on a plastic sheet, making the display four times thinner and more than ten times lighter than conventional glass-based displays. Less than 0.3mm thin, the OLCDs can operate with a radius of curvature below 3cm and can conform to small as well as large curved surfaces.

FlexEnable is already supplying small and large area display prototypes to strategic partners for integration into next generation products. In parallel, the company is working with Asian display manufacturers to support the transfer of its OLCD platform into conventional flat panel display (FPD) lines, enabling a full range of plastic LCD display shapes and sizes.

It claims that due to the use of low-cost plastics and the low-temperature manufacturing process (below 100°C), its technology is the lowest cost flexible display technology available today.

FlexEnable will show a 12.1” OLCD prototype in the Printed Electronics Applied in Automotive conference track at CES 2017 on 6 January 2017 at 14:15- 15:15 in LVCC, North Hall, N264 .

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