LDRA Selects EDAway for Italian distribution

LDRA Selects EDAway for Italian distribution

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A provider of standards compliance, automated software verification, source code analysis and test tools, LDRA has chosen EDAway as a distributor in Italy.
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Backed by years of experience integrating technologies needed by the safety- and security-critical markets, EDAway will provide local-language sales, support, and service for the LDRA tool suite. As suppliers face an increasing need to provide safety- and security-compliant compliance, these companies have sought out automated software testing and verification tools.
Such tools help them to avoid the prohibitive costs and schedule overruns endemic in a manual compliance process. With many clients focused on building such complex systems, EDAway will be ideally positioned for helping them achieve certification more easily as the LDRA tool suite helps companies manage the growing volume and complexity of code in the safety- and security-critical markets and to adhere to international regulatory guidelines.

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