Lead times push out for processors

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By Nick Flaherty

The latest figures from digital distributor Sourceability show lead times are up for 32bit processors from Microchip, NXP, ST and Infineon, which can be as high as 39 weeks. Lead times for 16bit microcontrollers are also increasing for all suppliers except TI, which already has stable lead times of 16 to 34 weeks as it uses its own fabs for these.

The closure of the NXP and Samsung fabs in Texas last month have also reduced the supply of 16bit and 32bit processors, with the companies expecting production to be restored next month. Parts from Intel are notable as resisting the trend to higher lead times.

Lead times and process are up for DDR3 and DDR4 memories as well as flash NOR, although some of this is also result of the US-China trade war.

Lead times for power management ICs and multilevel ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) are also up significantly.

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