LED compatible solder materials offer performance gains

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By eeNews Europe

The product technologies provide the performance and value for money benefits across the LED lighting system manufacturing process from: die attach & package, package on board, luminaire module, power driver/supply and control systems.

Alpha is introducing Lumet P53 solder paste with SBX02 alloy for LED package assembly on PET flexible circuits. Enabling use of PET flexible circuits can provide significant system cost benefits compared to either FR4 rigid boards or Polyimide flexible circuits. Lumet P53 solder paste with SBX02 alloy provides low temperature LED package on PET reflow capability, which enables the use of PET flex substrates. Lumet P53 with SBX02 alloy for LED package on PET assembly also enables the use of SAC or MAXREL solder based die attach in package, by providing the required temperature cascade for preventing secondary reflow of the die attach layer.

For Level 1 LED applications, Alpha plans to showcase the company’s LED die attach offerings Argomax film and ‘Ultra-Fast Sintering’ (UFS) technology for super high power vertical LEDs, Fortibond pressureless sintering Ag printable and dispensable die attach pastes with high thermal conductivity, Atrox dispensable pastes for direct bonding to bare silicon and bare copper for GaN on Si applications and Lumet solder pastes for Chip-on-Board applications.

Alpha will also showcase the Lumet line of solder pastes with SAC and the new MAXREL family alloys. The products deliver improved thermal cycling performance improved vibration resistance for LED assemblies.


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