LED downlight reflector options offer designer versatility

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In addition to new configurations and finishes, GE’s Infusion technology gives users more options, including a variety of lumen output and color temperatures, to illuminate key products or focal points with the simple switch of an LED module.

GE’s Lumination DI Series LED DownLights comes in a wider range of finishes and colors – from wheat, semi-diffused and white colors to specular, clear and even black – giving designers and architects more versatile options than ever before.

By adding the Infusion technology, which provides efficacy and color rendering performance benefits – including high R9 values across all color temperatures – to make the device series an ideal downlight solution for retail spaces.

Additionally, the Lumination DI Series is available in a wall washer option, which helps highlight walls, artwork and architectural features, allowing the lighting to make a room appear brighter, bigger and livelier.

With lumen package options from 1,000 to 4,000 lumens, the Lumination DI Series is an energy-efficient alternative to a range of traditional downlights, from 13-watt CFL to 100-watt metal halides. The series also gives more future-friendly versatility than typical LED downlights, ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership.


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