LED driver IC ensures up to 91% efficiency

LED driver IC ensures up to 91% efficiency

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The boost converter TS19371CS runs on a low input voltage from 9 to 15V and features a high switching frequency of 1.2MHz as well as a three-stage dimming scheme which covers the range from 0 to 100%. A very low resistance in the LED chain ensures equally low losses and a highly constant LED operating current of up to 350mA. The TS19371CS can be operated in multiple LED configurations such as 126 LEDs in 14 parallel chains with 20mA and an efficiency of up to 89% or a single 350mA LED chain with six white 1W high-power LEDs, resulting in an efficiency of 88%. These features make the TS19371CS ideal for all applications in industrial and consumer electronics, for example in LED backlight drivers for portable devices.

The TS19377CS is designed for backlighting and general lighting applications. The buck converter enables LED currents of up to 2A at an efficiency of 91% and a switching frequency of 33kHz. It comes in an SO8 package and operates under extreme ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to 125°C.

The TS19451CY is designed for applications requiring precise current control and limiting. This SOT89 device typically operates off the 230V grid in connection with a bridge rectifier along with a smoothing capacitor; alternatively it can be connected directly to a DC source with up to 400V. It is designed to power long LED chains with an added forward voltage that can significantly exceed 200V. The integrated 475V power MOSFET decouples the LED operating current from any input voltage variations and keeps it constantly at 50mA.

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