LED driver IC targets low current LED strips

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By Julien Happich

It is the second device released in the new generation BCR family with low voltage drop focusing on low current designs of up to 37mA. Typical applications for the BCR431U include LED strips, channel letters, architectural LED lighting, LED displays, as well as emergency, retail, and appliance lighting. The voltage drop at the integrated driver IC can go down to 105 mV at 15mA. This is unmatched in the industry and provides far more flexibility in lighting applications. It improves the overall efficiency and provides the voltage headroom required to compensate for the LED forward voltage tolerances and variances in the supply voltage. The BRCU431U allows either to add additional LEDs to lighting designs, for example, seven instead of six LEDs in series driven by one IC. Or it can be used to increase the overall length of a LED strip design from, for example, 5 to 7m. Overall, longer LED strips mean fewer feeding points and less efforts in installation. The LED current is easily adjustable via a high ohmic resistor on a dedicated pin with an IC supply voltage ranging between 6 V and 42 V. The BCR431U features a dimming capability down to 1 percent.

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