LED drivers enable smooth transition between high and low beam

LED drivers enable smooth transition between high and low beam

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The unique selling point of the A80803 is a multi-topology converter architecture with patented IP to enable smooth transitions between low and high beam with a single IC. The A80804 linear LED driver offers high performance for automotive lighting via multiple, independently configurable channels. Both devices help designers reduce the number of ICs needed to create safety-critical lighting systems for vehicles, enabling more powerful and compact designs at a lower system cost.

The A80803 is a constant-current switching regulator for high-power automotive LEDs that addresses common problems for headlight designers – with innovative features that make it easier for designers to integrate advanced features into even mid-range vehicles. The multi-topology single-ended controller design, together with a wide input/output voltage range, provides a universal solution for a wide range of applications or LEDs. Options for SPI-based control or EEPROM-based end-of-line programming for stand-alone operation further expand the possibilities.

The A80804 is Allegro’s first 4-channel linear driver for high-power LEDs. In addition to targeted applications such as daytime running lights/position and brake/tail lights, it offers designers more design flexibility for popular functions such as sequential flashers and animation effects. No switches or inductors are required, and with its low EMI, the A80804 meets ach CISPR25 Class 5 requirements. It also offers analogue and PWM dimming and a dual brightness mode. The chip is configurable without a microcontroller, reducing cost and design complexity alike.

“Today’s high-end and luxury vehicles have comfort and safety features that often take years to make their way into less-expensive mid-range vehicles – mainly due to the cost of the solution,” explained Mark Gaboriault, product line director, regulators and lighting at Allegro. “The A80803 offers headlight designers a compact, cost-effective solution that automatically controls the electrical transition from low to high beam without the need for multiple LED drivers and local microcontrollers. This offering, helps make headlamp design more widely available and improves road safety. With the A80804, lighting designers now have a cost-effective way to enable animation and other lighting effects in a way that simplifies the design process while improving visibility and safety and minimising material costs.”

The A80803 comes in a thermally enhanced 32-pin, 5 mm × 5 mm QFN package with Wettable Flank. The A80804 is available in the 32-pin, 5 mm × 5 mm QFN package with Wettable Flank.


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