LED for TV backlight applications sees price plunge ease in 4Q13

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TrendForce’s LEDinside 4Q13 LED price trend report also show that LED prices for lighting applications maintained a slow downward slide. The extent of price falls varied among different product specifications.

Annual TV shipment volume was lowered to 203 million sets in 2013 with a Year-On-Year (YOY) decline of -1.6% which makes the first time in recent years that TV shipment volumes have experienced negative growth. However, LED for backlight applications 4Q13 price quotes remained stable, with a range of decline between 3-6%.

LED for TV backlight has begun integrating specs including 7030 LED for edge-type LED TV; 7020 LED for ultra-slim bezel type LED TV; for direct-type LED TV applications the 3528 LED plus 3030 and 3535 LEDs that have recently sold well in China.

Although LED packager manufacturers cannot avoid the continual LED price slides, LEDinside points out that manufacturers production can reach economies of scale and optimize cost control and luminous efficacy as LED specs are simplified and integrated. LED package manufacturers no longer need to launch brand new specs annually.

Mid and large sized backlight market is not the only anemic market. Smartphone shipments have been lower than expected in 3Q13, and 4Q13 Christmas order pull also appeared rather weak. In 4Q13, global smartphone shipment volume reached 7% Quarter-on- Quarter (QOQ) to about 260 million. LED prices for smartphone applications dropped 6-8% in 4Q13. In the field of current smartphone, tablet, and laptop specs, the major package has been 0.6t LED with brightness between 6-8 lumens (lm). This is due to smartphones aggressive replacement of feature phones and continual growth in Chinese white-box smartphone shipment volumes. Tablets and laptops have started to replace 3014 package specs with 0.6t LED. Ultrabook brands have also begun introducing low voltage and high brightness 0.6t LED.

In the lighting segment, many package manufacturers were able to keep price levels or experienced only slight price declines for mid and high power products in 4Q13. Price fluctuations were considerably limited this quarter for high-power LEDs. The rate of price falls has slowed since top brands including Philips Lumileds, Osram and others still rely on loyal customers to maintain market share and order visibility. , Fewer manufacturers have lowered prices for new products. On the other hand, the market is increasing its emphasis on 1 W 3030 spec products. As a result, LED manufacturers have released similar products specs, and price drops have exceeded 10%. As for mid-power 5630 LED product prices, impact from manufacturers release of second generation products has led to slowly declined.

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