LED light control evaluation kit

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The Jencolor MTCSiCF true color sensor implements colorimetry in accordance with the CIE1931 standard, in a space-saving QFN16 housing (4x4x0.9mm). The MCDC04 signal conditioner IC is an analog-digital converter with electricity input, a high bandwidth and I2C output. It facilitates an input signal resolution of up to 16 Bit and ensures a high synchronization of the channels across the working temperature range. Both components are supplemented by the power supply.

The functionality offered means that the board is perfect for OEM color sensor solutions in the Luv/Lav color space. The precision of the photo colorimetry and long-term stabilization of the sensor characteristics contribute to securing the color stability of LED light controls despite varying temperatures. Application examples include the LED cabin lighting in aircraft, and the color light management of display backlights or video walls. 

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