LED light fixture supports outdoor lighting-based security platforms

LED light fixture supports outdoor lighting-based security platforms

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Hubbell Lighting has signed a strategic partnership with Totus Solutions, Inc. based in Austin, Texas, USA, a provider of outdoor lighting based security platforms, which will see the companies develop outdoor light fixtures with state-of-the-art surveillance technology.
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Under the new partnership, select Hubbell Lighting outdoor fixtures will be available with TOTUS Solutions’ surveillance technology. Totus Solutions has combined into a single integrated solution superior megapixel IP video surveillance, multi-day media storage and secure wireless communications, transforming passive surveillance into Active Deterrence to help prevent and deter crime instead of just recording it while it occurs.
"Our partnership with Totus Solutions adds an entirely new dynamic to Hubbell Lighting’s value proposition. Not only can we assist our clients with their lighting, energy efficiency and building automation needs, but we will now offer video surveillance, two-way audio communications and advanced site analytics," explained Richard Abernethy, Vice President of Hubbell Outdoor Lighting Brands.
At this week’s LightFair International event in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Hubbell Lighting demontrated Sterner Lighting’s Executive RT-21 LED fixture with Totus Solutions’ Active Deterrence surveillance system. The system utilizes a hemispheric 360 degree view camera with recording and real-time viewing along with 2-way audio for live listening and communication via an amplified speaker. Fixture-to-fixture data transfer takes place through a 900 MHz wireless auto-mesh network.

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