LED lighting demands spur on sapphire substrate manufacturers production growth

LED lighting demands spur on sapphire substrate manufacturers production growth

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The top five sapphire ingot manufacturers have seen 2-inch equivalent sapphire substrate monthly production capacity grow by 75% to 7800 Kmm compared to 2012 reports market intelligence analyst LEDinside, a TrendForce subsidiary.
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Sapphire substrate manufacturers have been actively expanding their production capacity in response to increased demand from LED lighting and mobile device markets according to the market research contained in LEDinside’s ‘Global Sapphire Substrate Market 2013’ report.

The LED lighting market’s high demands, especially for LED bulbs, LED tubes and MR16 have spurred the production increases. To meet the demand major LED chip manufacturers are continuing their expansion plans for 2013-2014, including Korean manufacturer Seoul Viosys, Taiwanese manufacturer Epistar, and Chinese manufacturers San’an Opto and HC Semitek. Major chip manufacturers are also continually raising 4-inch wafer production capacity, which has led to 40% production share in 2013, and is expected to reach 43% in 2014.

Handheld device applications have the strongest demands among non-LED application market demands. Apple introduced sapphire substrate material into the iPhone5 and iPhone 5S camera lens, and into the 5S home buttons with the entry of fingerprint identification feature. LG is also following the technology trend and introduced sapphire camera lens in the company’s new smartphone LG G2. LEDinside estimates the non-LED market application market share will reach 36% in 2014, with handheld device application demands even reaching 31%.

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