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As a result of the findings Zumtobel has added tunableWhite technology to the company’s range of office luminaires.

The global user study on lighting quality perceived in offices showed that office users’ preferences with regard to colour temperature differ greatly. The range of colour temperatures perceived as ideal is usually between 3000 K and 6000 K, with a clearly marked majority preference for 4000 K and 5000 K scenarios. The study also shows that office users rate their situation at work higher where it is possible for them to adjust the lighting to their needs. However, 57.4 per cent of those surveyed have no influence – or only to a limited extent – on lighting control and therefore cannot optimize the lighting situation accordingly. A factor that has a major impact on people’s sense of well-being and consequently their satisfaction at the workplace.

As continuously colour temperature-adjustable LED luminaires cater for these individual user needs the most effectively, Zumtobel has added tunableWhite technology to the company’s range of luminaires.

Thanks to tunableWhite technology, users can adjust the colour temperature of the LIGHT FIELDS evolution LED luminaire range continuously between 3000 K and 6000 K.

The LED luminaire range uses a consistent design language. From recessed and surface-mounted through to free-standing or pendant luminaires: each luminaire incorporates a specifically developed brilliant optic. For the user this means that LIGHT FIELDS evolution featuring tunableWhite technology not only adjusts colour temperature to meet individual requirements but also provides perfect lighting quality at the workstation.

The MILDES LICHT V recessed luminaire provides offices with light that is similar to daylight. The versatile recessed LED luminaire ensures gentle, glare-free light distribution without any distracting hard shadows, allowing for balanced illumination of task areas, walls and the ceiling. This creates an open, bright room atmosphere. MELLOW LIGHT V tunableWhite provides additional flexibility and customisation: the luminaire can be integrated into a lighting management system such as LITECOM in next to no time, and can be continuously adjusted in the range between 3000 K and 6000 K.

With its opal, uniform luminous panel and circular design, ONDARIA creates a pleasant atmosphere and ensures excellent lighting quality in prestigious areas such as lobbies and foyers or in common areas. In order to adjust the lighting situation to the individual needs of users, all three design sizes (940 mm, 640 mm and 440 mm) are now available with built-in tunableWhite technology. This means that ONDARIA’s colour temperature can be continuously adjusted in the range between 3000 K and 6000 K.

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