LED module claims light density breakthrough

LED module claims light density breakthrough

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Xicato is claiming a light density breakthrough with the company's 4000 lumen XSM LED module which achieves new levels of light output and light density without increasing the form factor or light emitting surface.
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The device enables more light in applications and enables better, tighter beam control from luminaires that incorporate the XSM light source.

The XSM 4000 is ideal for general lighting high ceiling applications and accent lighting applications that require center-beams of 30,000 candela (cd) and greater or narrow light beams. Xicato’s new 4000 lumen module enables luminaire manufacturers to compete for a larger portion of the ceramic metal halide lamp market which is prevalent in retail segments, and provide lower operating costs, ownership costs, while improving light quality. Implementation is easy as the form factor is exactly the same as all other XSM modules and an extensive ecosystem of drivers (including deep dimming), heat sinks, and reflectors have already been identified. For manufacturers already using Xicato’s 3000 lumen module, the thermal class remains the same further simplifying portfolio expansion.

Xicato’s new XSM 4000 lumen device delivers the high flux and because of the company’s Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology, the module does so while retaining stable color and consistency performance over its lifetime and therefore is covered by Xicato’s five year color consistency and lumen maintenance warranty.

The XSM 4000 lumen Standard Series module is available now in 3000K, 3500K and 4000K correlated color temperatures (CCTs).

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