LED mounting/connector simplifies development of LED lighting products

LED mounting/connector simplifies development of LED lighting products

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These LED holders form the core of electrical, mechanical, thermal and optical interconnectivity. The Type Z50 LED holder integrates with secondary reflector solutions from Carclo Optics and LEDil enabling a shorter lead time and easier manufacturing process of LED fixtures.

The Type Z50 LED holders are available with either optics attachments or in a slim Low Profile form factor. As a participating member of the Zhaga Consortium, TE has designed the 50mm diameter Type Z50 LED holder with optics attachment in such a way to enable customers to comply with the emerging standards and achieve Zhaga certified solutions. The Low Profile holder stands 3 mm tall with a 45 mm diameter making it sutiable for omni-directional and customised optic applications.

Additionally, the Type Z50 LED holder offers a mechanical construction which provides reliable down force and electrical connection over temperature extremes. Integrated poke-in electrical connections eliminate hand solder operations reducing costs associated with assembly and rework. Set on the same screw pitch and interchangeable with each other, the direct attachment of the Type Z50 LED holders to the heat sink uses standard screws securing the LED without damaging or cracking the substrates that could lead to latent field defects.

In order to make handling LEDs easier and faster when installing into fixtures, the Type Z50 holder provides a snap-in LED retention feature. Several optic attachment features are designed in close cooperation with Carclo Optics and LEDil for optics to mechanically fit to the LED holder.

TE LED holder solutions are enabling the adoption of LED lighting by reducing applied costs and improving assembly of lighting OEM products. They are ideal for use in spotlights, downlights, retail/hospitality lighting, and various indoor and outdoor lighting applications.


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