LED packaging system broadens array performance and reduces cost

LED packaging system broadens array performance and reduces cost

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The Vero packaged array technology offers design flexibility, ease of use, and energy efficiency while also defining a platform for future opportunities to integrate smart sensors and wireless communication technology for smart building control systems and other innovative applications.

Vero advancements contain three innovations: a new, higher flux density LED array, an increase in lumens per watt by up to 20 percent over existing Bridgelux LED arrays and a simplified assembly process that streamlines manufacturing and improves system reliability. Bridgelux claims that the Vero platform will allow manufacturers to "dramatically" reduce electronic and optical component inventories while broad input current ranges allow designers to optimize products on efficiency, cost, and light output.

While Bridgelux has been increasing the efficiency of its LEDs over the past five years, the company is also a pioneer in chip on board technology, engaging in a complimentary effort to reduce the cost of the packaging and other systems around the LEDs. The Vero product represents the next step in that evolutionary effort.

The platform provides complete application coverage from four form factors, delivering the light output and color temperatures required for retail, hospitality, commercial, industrial, residential and outdoor lighting applications. The arrays will initially be available with performance ranging from 800 lumens in warm white (3000K) up to 20,000 lumens in cool white (5000K) with multiple CCT and CRI options, including the 97 CRI Decor product option.

With advancements in luminaire design flexibility, the Vero product offers a light emitting surface (LES) area with higher flux densities than earlier Bridgelux array designs. The Vero LED array has been engineered to be driven reliably at significantly higher drive currents than previous offerings to further increase performance and reduce cost. These new features combine to allow luminaire designers to develop smaller, sleeker designs and to deliver narrow beam angles for spot and track applications facilitating high contrast ratio lighting designs.

The Vero arrays are compatible with a wide variety of standard drivers and optical components, providing manufacturers with high flexibility and shortening product development times. Also interface and connection options have been enhanced. The electrical connection may be established via solder pads or by using a solderless on-board connector provided by Molex. The Vero line combines the advanced light source with innovative connector options into a single, easy to integrate package.

Vero is currently being evaluated by Bridgelux customers and will be broadly commercially available in the first quarter of 2013.

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