LED tuned for plant growth in vertical farms

LED tuned for plant growth in vertical farms

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The GW3535U and GW1919U chip on board LEDs from euroLighting have a spectrum tuned to stimulating plant growth in horticultural lighting and vertical farms
By Nick Flaherty


euroLighting in Germany has launched two broadband LEDs optimised for plant lighting and vertical farms.

The plant LEDs GW3535U and GW1919U (COB) have a spectrum tuned to stimulating plant growth in horticulture lighting and vertical farms. The LEDs are not restricted to a specific plant species or growth phase, but can be used universally. Ready-to-use lamps with the new LEDs will also be available soon.

Modelled on sunlight, the plant LEDs reproduce the complete light spectrum and generate all wavelengths for each growth phase. This contrasts with LEDs, which only produce a violet spectrum of red and blue wavelengths. They cover the needs of the plant throughout its entire life cycle and thus contribute to a significant increase in growth and fruit yield.

Their PPF value (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) is up to 31.2 μmol/s per COB and 1.7 μmol/s per LED. They emit a neutral white light with 4000K and a CRI of over 97 that supports easy checking of plant health, protects the eyes and promotes well-being. The additional UV component of the LEDs stimulates the formation of the active ingredients in medicinal plants as well as aroma and pigmentation.

The GW3535U-LED replaces five to six conventional monochrome LEDs in one component (3.5 x 3.5 mm) and offers high space and cost savings as well as less effort in development.

euroLighting GmbH, based in Nagold, Germany, concentrates its development and marketing activities in driverless AC technology that are suitable for installation in
all types of luminaries and do not require conventional power supply. Alongside the LED components, it also supplies customer-specific modules (AC or DC) as well as finished luminaires and lighting solutions. These can be manufactured individually in terms of shape, size, spectrum and control, including, for example, special plant lights for horticulture, medicinal plants and much more.


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