LEDs in biophotonics /medical devices grow by 19.8 percent

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ElectroniCast estimate that the consumption of LEDs in sensing/detection and analytical/monitoring devices in 2013, represented 62 percent of the worldwide consumption value of packaged LEDs in the selected and medical science and biophotonic devices. In 2020, the relative market share of LEDs used in the sensing/detection and analytical/monitoring applications is forecast to decrease in market share but will increase by a multiple of more than 3x in consumption value.

The consumption of LEDs in phototherapy/aanitation/cell regeneration/curing application category, which includes water treatment, medical, health & beauty Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), as well as curing methods, is forecast to  grow by more than 30% increasing from $25.78 million. LEDs used in instrumentation light sources and imaging devices increased in value to $4.09 million in 2013 (up from $3.18 million in 2012).

The American region currently commands more than 40 percent share of worldwide market in 2013 but the both the EMEA region and the APAC region are forecast to achieve faster growth.

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